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With a long history of quality show dogs, our tradition teaches us to treat each and every dog as a Champion of the Heart–the most important title a dog can earn!

The Easdale Kennels began in the 1930′s as a hobby kennel for the Easdale American Cocker Spaniels of George and Amy Wuchter. George was a licensed AKC judge. From those years, we have found a 1927 silver trophy (the real thing, slightly bent, with a jeweler’s mark), catalog advertising the Easdale Cockers, and a wooden crate, used to ship cockers by train.  The brass plate on the front of the crate announces: Geo. Wuchter, Akron Ohio (with telephone number) Ghent 2303. Undoubtedly, as cocker puppies left with their new families, the Wuchter’s would occasionally be asked to look after one while the owners traveled or to groom their pups on a regular basis.  So began the boarding and grooming here at Easdale.

The property next passed to the Boddy family who raised Afghan Hounds in the 60′s through the 80′s. The boarding and grooming business continued in the family tradition.

After a short period of leasing, the property was next purchased by the Menard family in 1991. Their favorite breeds were German Shepherds and Toy Poodles. By the year 2000, the Menard’s sought to retire and offered the property for sale.

As of August, 2003, Easdale: the best pet care is now the home of the Secrist family and the Seneca Airedales. Based on an involvement in the sport of purebred dogs since 1975, we offer in-depth care and attention to your pet’s stay here.