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“We have a pair of one-and-a-half-year-old Rhodesian Ridgebacks who need a relatively high amount of exercise and attention. We’ve been bringing them to Easdale since they were puppies and every time we do they are always excited to get out of the car to head in to see Nancy and the gang who are always kind and professional. These are not dogs who are shy to let us know when they don’t like something or somebody, either. We’re grateful to have a good place like this to board our dogs when necessary and highly recommend it.”

– Peter with Stella & Cerby (Customers Since 2017)

“This is the second time I’ve left Luna here. I was scared at first since we only had her a couple months and got her from the pound and she’s extremely attached to me. She was fine and loved the people. This time I expected her to get anxious knowing we’re leaving her and she was excited to see everyone again. When I picked her up she attaches me with love but also kept giving the workers love as well. She’ll be back in September and looking forward to many more trips here.”

– Katie with Luna (Customers Since 2018)

“100% recommend Easdale for all your boarding needs!! We take our 3 crazy pups to them every vacation and they come back so happy and well cared for! I won’t use anyone else. The care and compassion these guys put in every day towards all the animals is so heart-warming. Our one pup got an upset belly when mom and dad left for vacation one trip, and Easdale took such wonderful care of her. I can’t speak highly enough of Easdale Boarding!!! Love love love this company and all they stand for!! Go visit them and find out first hand why they are absolutely the best hands down!!!”

– Samm & Mike with Harley Quinn, Yoshi, & Beowulf (Customers Since 2012)

“I don’t even know where to start with how great this place is. I generally don’t leave good reviews (or bad) unless someone wows me, right out of the gate, or they are consistently good. Easdale actually did both of these things for us. My dog is a very high spirited breed, very stubborn and has awful manners….But after her first stay, every time we have gone back, my dog is beside herself to get out of the car to get to the facility office. One time, she jumped out of the car and ran to the door, the last time, I was prepared for her but she dragged me – literally – down a frozen sidewalk to get to their door (she’s 23lbs). She is positively shameless when she sees these people.”

– Kristi with Anna (Customers Since 2017)

“I have been taking my dog to Easdale the past year and have had amazing service. They have taken last minute appointments when I had emergency travel and the grooming service is top-notch. I have a large energetic dog and they take great care of him. They offer one on one play time and walks around the large property as well. I think the prices are great especially for the amount of service you get. I also like the photo they provide at the end of the stay.”

– Matt & Hunter (Customer Since 2015)

“It is never comfortable leaving your pet, or in our case our fur-child, with someone you don’t know. It’s stressful for both the owner and the animal. At Easdale, both myself and my dog Kujo were comfortable from the first time we walked in. The one on one care the dogs receive is the best part. While I am away, I know my dog is doing far more than sitting in a kennel all day. He gets plenty of activity outside of the kennel which is what I like most. Easdale is more of a home away from home rather than a dog kennel.”

– Bryan J. & Kujo (Customer Since 2013)

“We bring our pet to Easdale because she loves it! We’d been to other boarding businesses before, but Tilki never came home happy – just tired and relieved to be home. But when we pick her up from Easdale, she’s her usual self. She’s happy, playful, and engaged. The extra activities like nature walks and (paw)painting, plus the attention of the caring Easdale staff, makes the difference. When I drop Tilki off to be boarded, I know she won’t be sitting around in her kennel with no interaction. I know she’ll be monitored, petted, visited, and entertained. And that gives me the peace of mind I need to relax and enjoy my vacation.”

– Emily & Tilki (Customer Since 2008)

“Great news letter. I really like the FOOD for OUR DOGS article. I hope that people understand the importance of what you feed your pet/family member. You were the one that opened my eyes about good quality pet food.
It is very confusing to read the pet food labels and to try to figure out what the best for our pets. I only buy good quality pet food. Yes it’s more, but my pet is worth it. … Thanks again!”

– Steve & Maggie (Customer Since 2005)

“We recently boarded our dog Ike – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – with Nancy and were very pleased. Ike has only been boarded one other time in his 7 years – and that was a disaster! (NOTE: this was NOT at Easdale) We ended up at the Copley Vet Hospital as a result. We have been very reluctant to take him anywhere but with an out-of-state family occassion – we had no other choice. Nancy does Ike’s grooming – he just loves “Miss Nancy!” When I pick him up from grooming he is always relaxed and happy – never nervous or hoarse from barking. The same thing was true after our boarding experience. Ike came home calm and relaxed – with his “barker” intact. It is so comforting to know how personally your dog is treated and with such loving care – we are thrilled! Thanks Nancy for taking care of our baby!”

– Kelli & Ike (Customer Since 2006)

“Thank you once again for taking such good care of Satchel.
Leaving him for two weeks is difficult, but knowing he’s in your good hands puts the mind at ease. Knowing that he’s comfortable, getting his medicine and safe allows my wife and I to enjoy ourselves when away, so thank you for that, too.

We also appreciate your accessibility and patience when we call to check on Satchel, not to mention allowing my in-laws to visit him.
For the nature walks and photos, the professionalism and compassion, and for delivering our beloved Satchel to us healthy and happy, thank you, thank you, thank you. Best regards,”

– Skip & Satchel (Customer Since 2007)

“Our Roscoe is a rescue, so I’m particularly protective when it comes to leaving him in someone else’s hands (and I’m embarrassingly, stupidly in love with this Jack Russell/Corgi mix mutt).

The search was on: finding the right blend of location (within 15 minutes by car), competence, affordability and heart. A google search yielded nearby options, and researching websites led me to Easdale Best Pet Care in Bath, OH. What sold me was a testimonial from someone willing to drive 45 minutes to get here.

Nancy Secrist, the owner, makes no secret of her love for dogs (and cats) – Airedales are her obsession. I liked that. The home-like facility is situated in quiet a wooded setting, and available pet activities make it a virtual doggy day camp, if you will.
Our shaggy dog came out looking like a champ – literally. In fact, the way he was “styled” brought out the handsome Jack Russell in him, like never before. It’s been a month or so since he was groomed – he still looks neat, his rounded nails, though long, do not scratch (floors nor skin), and he smells good (OK, he doesn’t smell bad). Here’s a great home away from home where pets are loved and respected, and the grooming follows the animal’s natural characteristics. We lucked out.”

– Melinda & Rosco (Grooming Customer Since 2010)

“Wonderful service! We have been taking our dog here for a little over a year now and love it. Nancy is great to work with, always friendly and courteous. Prices are good as well.”

– Leah & Misty (Customer Since 2011)

“Honestly, my dog has never felt or looked better after a week away than he has each time I’ve boarded him at Easdale. My dog now comes home happy and healthy. My dog gets visibly excited when I tell him we are going to see “Miss Nancy” [which] confirms for me that we have the right person to handle my dog’s grooming and boarding needs. Overall, I would highly recommend Easdale for both grooming and boarding services. I have been a customer for 5 years now and plan to continue as long as my dog requires such services.”

– Michelle & Tucker (Customer Since 2009)

“I have a Great Dane Puppy, she is 5mths old. I have never boarded a dog before. I am extremely pleased with the Easdale facilities along with the care my dog gets while being there. She returns home as if she has been on vacation and without any adverse behaviors. I feel a relief that I can go away at any time and bring my dog to Easdale and she is cared for with love. Thank you for all you do!”

– Angela & Sadie (Customer Since 2010)

“Maria and I wanted to send you a short note, thanking you for your work on our “little guy,” Bailey. Your time and attention to his grooming and shaping has brought him back to the Schnauzer he’s supposed to be! Good job! We wanted a groomer who cares, and apparently, you do! Thanks very much! Respectfully, Maria and Jack and Bailey too!”

– Maria, Jack & Bailey (Grooming Customer Since 2010)

Thank you for once again providing Toby with a great camp experience. He is looking forward to returning again on Wednesday. With a dog the size of Toby it is hard to find many places that can accommodate him properly and Easdale has been doing that for years now.”

– A.J. & Toby Beauregard (Customer Since 2007)

“June 2012: We started boarding our rescue, Josie,mostly a black lab, last winter-2011. While she’s very dependent on us and I worry about separation anxiety, Nancy says she settles in right away. She’s her usual peppy self when we pick her up and while she can’t tell her story, we feel she has great care. The walks are one of the factors which attract us to this kennel. Josie is a happy, loving dog. Her spirit is as strong as ever when she comes home.Nancy and the staff I’ve met are great people.”

– Betty Dalton & Josie (Customer Since 2011)

“You guys are the BEST in pet care. Howie loves to visit and stay at Easdale!!! And we Love this pic of him!!! …Thanks for taking such Great care of him …his home away from home. I had to add that he loves taking the nature walks but his favorite is playing in ball play room!!! Easdale is the Best!!!”

– Robert, Margaret C. & Howie (Customer Since 2008)