What The Big Corporations Would Rather You Didn’t Know… Part I of V

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Nancy Secrist
Secret Tricks for Reading Petfood Ingredients

We all try to read the labels of the food we buy for ourselves but how about Rover’s or Kitty’s food? Here is a pet food marketing secret:
Let’s say you are comparing two foods and one says Chicken as the first ingredient and the other says Chicken Meal. Is there a difference?
Note that all ingredients are reqiured to be identifed according to federal standards. ”Chicken” means that the meat is just like a roast bird you would buy at the meat counter consisting of approximately 66% water by weight. By the time that chicken is dehydrated in processing, it will no longer be listed at the top of the list which is ordered by pre-processing weight.

If you could get the list by post processing weight, which is how your pet gets it in the food bowl, that “chicken” would now be in the fourth, fifth, or sixth position. Now it falls behind the corn, wheat, soybean meal, or other grain ingredients. In contrast, Chicken Meal starts as the first ingredient pre-processing and retains first position post processing because its weight has not changed.

So now we know that Meal is the more honest way to list the meat ingredient. Why do the manufacturers play these games? Because consumers want a meat based food which is more digestible for the pet but meat costs more than grain. Manufacturers sell the ”meat with 66% water” petfood priced higher than grain based food, even though it actually is a grain based food. Now you can avoid deceptive sales practices, buy the better food for your pet and recognize the best value!
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