Why Choose To Board With Easdale?

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Nancy Secrist
There are many options to care for a pet when you are not able to for a time. When surveyed, pet owners revealed fears that their pet would be depressed, get sick, or run away among other concerns. Care for pets is a major trust issue!

What’s wrong with having a well-intentioned neighbor, friend or relative care for your family pet?
1. Lack of secure fencing or exercise space to avoid escapes;
2. Pet health care experience to observe and identify health issues early and to arrange for medical care as needed, ability to administer medications correctly;
3. Interactions of your pet with any pets that they own; how will feeding, toys, and play be managed to avoid aggression? What if there is a fight? Who will pay for the vet?
4. Liability issues; if your pet should cause property damage or bite someone in their home, what happens? You are considered the responsible party through ownership even though you were not there!
5. Creating personal issues; imposing an unwanted obligation and owing compensation to the amateur care giver in favors or other unspecified, debts. You are risking damaged relationships with the people in your life especially if your pet was hurt or lost.
Easdale offers the best in pet care!

Easdale is a Licensed & Approved Business

State and local licenses and other requirements are there for you and your pet’s protection. We follow all state and local requirements and operate a business, not just a paid hobby. Easdale provides peace of mind that professionals are taking care of your companion in a safe environment.
Professional, Trained Staff
Professional and caring staff members are essential to the comfort and safety of your pet. All staff members are capable of handling critical pet care responsibilities. Beware of individuals who claim they have experience but lack proof.

Customer & Industry Approval

Easdale has gained the trust of other discerning pet parents. Check the website for testimonials. Find the Better Business Bureau rating and search the web for reviews. Consider how long the business has operated; Easdale has provided proven pet care since 1933!

Vaccination Requirements

Some pet sitters forgo vaccination policies. Easdale requires vaccination records as listed on the website and by verifying proof of vaccinations. Our software tracks expiration dates and we update all records as they expire. Easdale also has a vet on call from just around the block.

Good Clean Fun

Easdale offers plenty of outside and/or indoor room for exercise and playtime on four acres for physical exercise and mental stimulation. Check out our Ball Park, Nature Trail, One on One, and PawPainting Art Classes! Strict cleaning protocols are critical to ensuring a healthy, safe and clutter-free environment. Every precaution has been taken to provide a fun and safe environment for your pet. These include pet-secure fencing, perimeter fence (second fence barrier), proper ventilation, continuous monitoring of pets throughout the day with caregivers present throughout the night as well.

Proper Supervision

At Easdale we treat your pet like an individual, not like one of the pack! That means that your pet won’t be bullied, bruised or bitten by some other bigger or more aggressive dog as can happen in other facilities. Our activities are centered on showing your pet all the fun and interesting places, activities, and don’t forget, fascinating scents on the trail of squirrel, rabbit, and deer. All activities are conducted on lead or within fenced areas.

Hours of Actual Care

Easdale staff are available both during and outside typical business hours to ensure supervision throughout your pet’s entire stay. Many pet sitters only drop in to feed and walk a dog for a short time, neighbors or family have to go to work or pursue other interests sometimes — obviously not the best option for pets that deserve more attention and companionship. Your pet’s care is our paramount focus!

Comfortable Accommodations

Easdale guests can go inside for napping, water, or food, yet still have access to the outdoors to relieve themselves, and see the sky, woods, and wildlife here. We provide fresh water, soothing music, temperature monitored rooms, and activities customized to your pet and more. For the toy breeds, we offer a section designed just for them including our very safe and comfortable furnished pet lofts with indoor potty parks for the apartment pet.


Easdale is very popular during the peak travel seasons of spring breaks, summer vacation months and the busy holidays. We have limited availability during these times as we will not accept more pets than we can take proper care of. Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment!