Affordable New Year’s Day Pet Celebration!

Categories:Pet Boarding
Nancy Secrist

Happy New Year from Easdale!Check this out! Baby sitters are charging as much as $50-60 dollars an hour for New Year’s Eve. Parents might be dropping as much as $200-300 for the evening. As well the holiday upcharge, babysitters are also taking into consideration perks to accept the gig such as a paid taxi ride home, gift cards to luxury spas, prepaid mani- or pedicures and even more items to sweeten the pot including new release movies on DVD or boxes of gourmet goodies.

Easdale will watch your four-legged furbaby for a lot less than $60 an hour! We can provide your four-legged furbaby with a wonderful New Year’s holiday. You can enjoy the evening out without worrying about being gone too long. In the morning you can sleep in without that early-morning reproachful look in your pet’s eyes to DO something–you know, going outside, feeding that all important breakfast by cracking open that can of pet food, or surmounting the effects of a hangover to play or face a long cold walk outside.

Your pet will stay with us–we promise not to leave your pet unattended that night! We can offer warm natural gas heat and trips outside on a regular schedule. You can even sign them up for Nature Trail walks outside or One-on-One time to play. On our four acres, we have rabbit trails and squirrel tracks. The woods and hills are ever fascinating to the nose of a canine! Easdale has the one and only Ball Park, for those athletically active guests.

Even better, we won’t allow them to get into any alcoholic drinks or rich unfamiliar foods. Easdale will not be hosting a fireworks display or invade their personal space with a houseful of guests! Meals will be served on time and you can even prepackage them with exactly the number and type of treats that you would have dished up at home. Your furbaby’s stay with us is a calmer, more relaxing holiday. At the end of our time together, bathing, nail trims, de-shedding, and grooming are all available on the way home.

Call if you would like an estimate with a la carte items and services customized to your pet’s needs. You don’t even need to bribe us with perks, but we will need current vaccination records. After all that, the cost for New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and to the first business day after the holiday for pick up is such a huge bargain compared to babysitters! Prepare to welcome in the New Year in style!