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Our cattery room is in our home with views of the outdoors and a big screen TV. Individually vented condos have separate rooms for the litter box with high shelves to lounge upon.

There are no wire cages, no fencing or wire mesh. The glass doors and wall allow our guests to see out.

In the summer, we often have open windows to bring in the fresh air while still keeping your pet secure and safe.

  • The airflow is controlled so that your kitty always has fresh air which then exhausts outside our home, taking any litter box odors with it. This pattern of airflow is also important to prevent the spread of respiratory infections;
  • Only disposable litterboxes are used to prevent the spread of any infection, changed frequently with S’wheat Scoop litter made from wheat grain. If you wish to bring a different litter, please do and we will use that;
  • We recommend that you bring your own food to which your feline is already accustomed; we can also provide Best Breed Cat Food based on chicken, herring, and rice;
  • Lighting is provided by daylight spectrum lighting on timers. This provides your kitty with a clear sense of night and day even though indoors;
  • Food and water is fresh twice daily;
  • Our cattery is in our home and, in fact, we read, watch TV and surf the internet evenings in the same room, providing a sense of home;
  • As with all our guests, their name, owner and vet contact info, health record, care instructions, and vital info are all clearly posted;
  • We are PCSA certified pet care technicians, including specific health concerns of felines, with continuing studies to provide the best in care;
  • because your kitty deserves the safest and most pleasant surroundings!