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Q: How often should my dog be bathed?

A: The advantages to regular bathing are many:

  • In non-shedding breeds, bathing cleanses the skin, conditions the coat, and the finishing process of brushing and drying removes tangles that lead to matting. Shaving to the skin is the only choice when neglect and matting have ruined the coat over a period of months. Some owners use a brush on the surface of the coat without realizing that below the surface, a thicket of matting lurks. Only a comb run down to the skin will bring those mats to your notice. Non-shedding breeds would include Poodles, Lhasas, Yorkies, and many of the designer dogs to name just a few.
  • In the shedding breeds, bathing also cleanses the skin, conditions the coat, and removes loose shedding hair. Then the finishing process of brushing and drying removes even more shedding coat. Indoor dogs of the shedding breeds will usually follow a 6 week shedding cycle giving rise to the complaint that “He sheds all year long!” By bathing and grooming every 4-6 weeks, the shedding comes out in the tub, not on the furniture, not on your clothes, or in your car! Healthier skin and coat is also an attractive benefit. Shedding breeds include: Labrador and Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and many rescues who share their heritage, to name only a few.

Q: Can my dog be bathed too much; is it safe?

A: That would depend on who is doing the bathing and what products are used on your pet. A good bath consists of safety procedures, expert technique, proper equipment, and quality products.

  • Safety comes FIRST. Pets have been hurt from improper procedures, broken or jury-rigged equipment, lack of training or knowledge, and from cheap/inappropriate products. Here at Easdale, we have made a substantial investment into providing the best. Don’t take for granted that every other facility has done the same! Ask and we’ll be proud to tell you about our precautions and training. Our Pet Care Tech Certification course is a nationally recognized accomplishment and includes proper handling in the tub and on the table.
  • Our technique and our high quality equipment go together in providing a wonderful spa experience for your pet. The shampooing is done with a water massage pump/sprayer and our guests like the sensation. The rinse is vital to keeping the skin and coat healthy by removing all product. The water should run off clear. The water is even conditioned and tested to be as effective as possible with our all natural products. We can dry in four different ways appropriate to coat type.
  • Quality all natural products such as shampoos, conditioners, detangler, coat polish, and other formulas are essential to a great bath and finish. Our medicated and herbal shampoos soothe irritated skin and can promote healing. All in one pricing means that your pet will get the right product for his/her breed and coat condition. With our gentle cleansing and conditioning, bathing can be repeated as often as needed.

Q: Should I have my pet groomed in the winter?

A: Yes! Grooming is a year round process. Some people prefer to let their dog’s fur grow longer during the winter months but that doesn’t mean the coat should be neglected.

  • Longer fur has a greater chance of developing mats and tangles. Mats do not allow proper airflow through the coat and this can lead to spring shave downs, skin health issues, and other health problems.
  • Short haired breeds also need attention in the colder months. Pet skin can become irritated and flaky due to the dry winter air. Regular shampooing, conditioning and brushing can help stimulate the natural oils to ease the dryness.
  • The nails continue to grow!  Potential problems include:  breaking off into the quick, curling under or to the side–affecting the entire foot, or even curling into the leg and penetrating the skin of the leg in the case of dewclaws–this is painful and risks infection.
  • Many dogs need their ears cleaned regularly to avoid potential health issues.
  • We recommend that regularly trimmed dogs continue to have baths and brush out appointments in the winter even if growing out coat for the colder weather. This allows nails and ears to be maintained for health. In the spring, the coat will be ready for the usual trim without damage or added expense from mat removal.

Q: What products do you use on my pet?

PlaqClnz – An oral enzyme/zinc spray and gel that is so easy with no brushing, no struggling with your pet! We start the removal of plaque and tartar in the bath with the spray and gel. Zinc starts to eliminate bad breath and heal gum tissue immediately. We send home the PlazClnz gel with your pet to use at home. So much less expensive and dangerous that general anesthetic for a teeth cleaning—plus you can maintain that great smile yourself indefinitely!

Natural Shampoos from Natures’ Specialties, guaranteed non-toxic, biodegradable and cruelty-free. We offer conditioning, medicated, deodorizing and other formula products:

  • Plum Silky—most popular for shine, smooth soft coat, incredible clean scent
  • Almond Crisp—creates volume and texture for curly and wire coats
  • Quick Relief Neem—soothes, heals and hydrates sensitive skin; based on the South American oil
  • Citrus—cleanses coat and naturally kills fleas without toxic chemicals
  • Aloe Conditioner—soothes, heals and hydrates sensitive skin; based on Aloe Vera plants
  • Quicker Slicker—exceptional detangler and static control coat preparation
  • Wham!—soothing healing spray for sensitive skin
  • DeShedd Conditioner—very popular with our double coated breeds to encourage the removal of shedding coat
  • Cologne Scents—wonderful associations with coconut, plum, lavender, and clean linen scent for your pet’s final grooming touches!